Month: November 2020

The Best Sneaker Brands in the World Right Now

Not so long ago there was a time when attending a special event in a couple of sneakers was a surefire way to flag yourself as a sartorial pariah to your shiny-shoed peers. Attitudes have, however, changed in unexpected ways, and what once was the scruffy outlier is now the staple of gold boots. The transition from running track to runway was slow and incremental but it has reached a crescendo in recent years. A crescendo which looks set to blare on forever. Here we look right now at the best sneaker brands in the world and what they do to help make the world’s favorite sneakers.

  • Nike

The Undisputed Masters Of Hype

Yeah, Nike really returned to the future in 2016, and created the self-lacing sneakers from Marty McFly. Yet this is only one instance where the company actually reached through a tear in spacetime and gave us something straight from the future, making it the biggest sneaker trendsetter and a credible barometer for what’s around the corner.

  • Adidas

The Brand That Turned Sneakers Into A Science

The ongoing technological arms race between the sportswear big hitters around the world has produced some of the boldest footwear innovations. Luckily for us it shows no sign of letting up. Ask any sneakerhead who is in pole position on the street and they’ll tell you it’s Nike. It could be easily argued, however, with featherlight fabrics and mind-bending sole technology, that good old three-stripes are maneuvering for an overtake.

  • Converse

The 100-year-old design symbol

It’s fascinating (and slightly frightening) to think about how much the world has changed in the last 100 years. Commercial travel, television, cell phones and the internet are only a few of the innovations that have revolutionized our way of life. With that in mind, when something launched a century ago is still being used internationally today, it’s a true design victory.

  • Common Projects

The Luxe Trendsetter Which Made Minimalism Chic

When New York’s luxury sneaker brand Common Projects first launched the Achilles Low model in 2004, the world of menswear went crazy for it. But why, then? Was it cutting edge? No. No. Was he relaxed at next level? Difficult. Will that come in at the price of the bargain? Quite the opposite. That shoe was nothing more than a sneaker in white, leather. However, the thing that had this minimalist trainer fawning over the fash pack was that every little detail was carefully performed to the nth degree. This was a sneaker made in Northampton shire as a hand crafted Oxford shoe.

Sneakers from the best sneaker brands in the world are a key component of any well packed bag, convenient, classic and endlessly versatile. Even if you’ve got a pair on hand, it’s worth picking up another mid-trip; as each country has its own special athletic footwear, it’s the ultimate in souvenir.

Best Sunglasses brand in India

In addition to protecting you from harmful sun rays, sunglasses also add beauty and smartness to your personality. This has become one of the obvious accessories that both men and women can use. You will find a wide selection and variety of sunglasses on the market. Many brands come with various types of sunglasses such as aviator, oval, square, broad scale, wayfarer, etc for various purposes and face cuts. You should always try it to see whether it fits your face or not when you choose sunglasses. Here is a list of India’s best brands of sunglasses.

  1. Ray Ban:

Top celebrities like Beyonce, Demi Lovato, Rihanna, Zac Efron, etc love this brand which makes Ray Ban an iconic brand for all the generations who are looking for top rated products. This brand has a huge range of trendy sunglasses with a green tint, ultraviolet protection and polarisation features. You get many varieties like wayfarer, aviator, rectangle shape, circular shape, oval etc. They are popular among so many celebrities as they fit so well to your face and give you a timeless appeal. There are many online websites like Zabong, Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Paytm, etc from where you can buy it. The price ranges from Rs. 3000 to 14800.

  1. Fastrack:

This brand is very popular among the younger generation because of its awesome style. Fastrack has all the varieties for men, women and kids and it always experiments with the products for improvements and to meet the requirement of every taste. Its range is quite affordable, however the best part is that Fastrack sunglasses look expensive and smart. These sunglasses come with eye protection factor and are available in many varieties like classic, sporty wrap, circular, square, rectangle, bug eye, round, cat eye, etc. which come in price range to Rs. 400 to 3000 and are easily available on lenskart, Paytm, Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc.

  1. IDEE:

This is one of the best sunglasses brands India which can make you trendsetter because of its unique and smart designs. These sunglasses fit well on the face and suit many shapes as there is a huge variety of sunglasses to try. It adds fineness and charm to your personality which make this brand so popular. They use polarized glasses and maintain the quality. The price ranges from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 4000 and are easily available to many e-commerce websites.

So these are some best sunglasses brands India which you can try to enhance your looks and smartness.