Month: December 2020

Best Sunglasses brand in India

Sunglasses do not just save you from harmful sun rays but also add charm and smartness to your personality. This has become one of the noticeable accessories which can be used by both men and women. There is a huge range and variety of sunglasses you can find in the market. For different purposes and face cuts, a lot of brands come with different shapes of sunglasses like aviator, oval, rectangle, big sized, wayfarer, etc. While selecting sunglasses, you should always try it and see whether it suits your face or not. Here is a list of the best sunglasses brands India.

  1. Ray Ban:

Top celebrities like Beyonce, Demi Lovato, Rihanna, Zac Efron, etc love this brand which makes Ray Ban an iconic brand for all the generations who are looking for top rated products. This brand has a huge range of trendy sunglasses with a green tint, ultraviolet protection and polarisation features. You get many varieties like wayfarer, aviator, rectangle shape, circular shape, oval etc. They are popular among so many celebrities as they fit so well to your face and give you a timeless appeal. There are many online websites like Zabong, Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, Paytm, etc from where you can buy it. The price ranges from Rs. 3000 to 14800.

  1. Fastrack:

This brand is very popular among the younger generation because of its awesome style. Fastrack has all the varieties for men, women and kids and it always experiments with the products for improvements and to meet the requirement of every taste. Its range is quite affordable, however the best part is that Fastrack sunglasses look expensive and smart. These sunglasses come with eye protection factor and are available in many varieties like classic, sporty wrap, circular, square, rectangle, bug eye, round, cat eye, etc. which come in price range to Rs. 400 to 3000 and are easily available on lenskart, Paytm, Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc.

  1. IDEE:

This is one of the best sunglasses brands India which can make you trendsetter because of its unique and smart designs. These sunglasses fit well on the face and suit many shapes as there is a huge variety of sunglasses to try. It adds fineness and charm to your personality which make this brand so popular. They use polarized glasses and maintain the quality. The price ranges from Rs. 1000 to Rs. 4000 and are easily available to many e-commerce websites.

So these are some best sunglasses brands India which you can try to enhance your looks and smartness.

How does herbal plants help in enhancing the beauty of your skin?

The herb like plants have been used for skincare and for medical treatments long before the prehistoric period. Many people like Indian Vaids, Hakims and European culture have been using herbs as medicine for over 4000 years now. Herbs have been used in the healing rituals and also many other traditional medical systems have been developed where herbal use is very prominent. However, herbal plants play a major role in improving our skin health and are the best for beauty purposes.

Herbs have so many benefits. It is the best for health as well as good medical treatment too. Ladies are obsessed with this plant because it helps their hair to grow well and long. Herbal Plants are widely used in cosmetic, medical and food industries. It is usually recognized by thick and flesh leaves which store lot of water in it. The gel is extracted from the leave which is used in various medical and cosmetic products.

These herbal plants are used as food, medicines, perfumes and various body oils which have extremely good benefits in the long run. They are also used as many spiritual oils. The use of Tulsi will help in increasing metabolism, improved swimming time, less tissue damage and also low levels of stress. They also help in reducing sleep problems and relieves exhaustion.

Herbal plants like Aloe, Tulsi, Neem, Turmeric and Ginger are meant to cure several ailments as well as help our skin to glow for a long time. They are prominent in many parts of the world and are used for beauty purposes. They have lots of customers who have apparently started to plant neem, turmeric and other herbal plants in their home gardens.


This works fantastic on your skin. It will make your face look bright and radiant for a ling time. The calendula oil is retrieved from the marigold flowers which have anti-inflammatory properties and sooths our skin from various irritations. This oil can also be included in your haircare products. If you are suffering from dry skin, then you can apply some calendula oil to add some moisture.


It is the miracle plant which works well on skin breakouts and can also soothe your skin. The lavender oil reduces the redness of the pimple and absorbs in to the skin quickly when applied. Lavender is the best for skin healing. It also fights against infections and can be mixed with your favourite lotions and body creams.

Green tea leaf

This is the best herbal plant that can improve your complexion. It helps in flushing out all the harmful toxins from your body and it can heal all those unwanted blemishes that appear now and then on your pretty face. Green tea is filled with antioxidants that can help you to battle against ageing and skin damage.

Top Apps for Grocery Shopping

Well, the internet has made human life very easier from booking to shopping with the help of mobile app and websites. However, groceries is an essential thing in human life for running day to day life. Online grocery shopping is a rapidly growing business over the years where shopping in supermart can be a boring thing for most of the people to find the list of grocery and standing in line for billing. In that case, online grocery shopping apps will help people for ordering grocery products online using a mobile app anywhere. Below are the top apps for grocery shopping.


BigBasket is the most popular online grocery app in India where the company offers more than 10,000 grocery items on its platform for shopping online from mobile app and websites. Delivering from fresh vegetables, fruits to daily products, however, this app is partnering with top brands to deliver all grocery shop products online. The other rivalry in the Indian grocery app market is Grofers and Zopnow.


Grofers is one of the prominent grocery shopping apps in India where the mobile app and website of grofers help users to place order grocery products online. Just like Big Basket, Grofers is operating in 20+locations including all top Indian Cities. However, the company is expanding its operation in tier-2 cities. From rice, milk, biscuits, chips to other essential grocery food items, Grofers will offer thousands of products on its platform to shopping online in India.


ZopNow is the fast-growing online grocery shopping mobile application in India. Partnering with some trusted hypermarkets like Hypercity, More, and other supermarket chains to deliver the product. ZopNow will receive the order from customers and deliver the product within 3 hours to doorsteps. So, the website and mobile of this app have more than 20000+ online grocery products to purchase.

Amazon Pantry

World’s largest e-commerce giant started its online grocery shopping service in India as Amazon Pantry. The category available on their official website and mobile app for Indian customers. After the US, India is the primary customer for Amazon e-commerce, and to compete with counterparts the company begins its grocery delivery service in the country.  With millions of customers shopping online on their platform, Amazon pantry will reach out to its customers in a quick span of time with exclusive offers in specific brand products.  Amazon Pantry is an online grocery shopping apps.

Spencer’s Online Grocery

Spencer is a prominent Indian food and grocery retail store across India. The online store of Spencer’s offers 10000+ products under various categories including fresh fruits and vegetables, bread, dairy, FMCG, and more. However, the company has begun its online operation via a website and mobile application for improving its sales. Spencer is one of the prominent online grocery shopping apps in Chennai, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Noida, and other selective Indian cities.

The above-mentioned application is best for the online grocery shopping apps to people who are willing to buy the products directly from a mobile app or website instead of visiting for the supermarket. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about top apps for grocery shopping. Thanks for reading!

Best Wallet Brands for Men

The wallet has now become part and parcel of life as it keeps all your things safe. Many of us buy branded wallets only because of quality and standards. We will be listing one of the best wallets like the Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Phillipe, Mont Blanc. Now that the technology is ruling, RFID tags have been added to wallets so that it is free from thefts. You can now put six credit cards without any kind of discomfort. All you need to do is to stay connected to know more about the best wallet brands for men.


Hornbull Brown Men’s Wallet

HORNBULL Brown Rigohill Leather Men's Wallet - Fashion Marketplace India | Fashion Re-seller Hub

This wallet will weigh around 99.8g that offers soft and good quality leather. The wallet is designed especially for men which are neatly produced with authentic leather along with the fabric placed on the inside. When it comes to specifications it can hold up to 6 card slots that are inbuilt and also multiple compartments to keep other things in the wallet.

WildHorn Genuine Leather Wallet

The wallet will weigh around 168g that displays a sincere and bold look with an elegant design. Over here, you can carry all the spare change and cash that looks very slim and will fit perfectly in the pocket. Even, there are multiple compartments where you can hold everything. This wallet is designed to be smart for the modern man which has pure leather that can keep the valuables organized and safe.

Urban Forest Black Men’s Wallet

The wallet will look classy for men in the ideal matte black box that can be the perfect gift for men of all age groups. Even this wallet can be gifted on multiple occasions such as birthday gifts. In this wallet, you can have 2 secret compartments, 2 transparent ID windows, and a coin pocket with 9 inbuilt card slots and 2 currency slots. Also, the wallet can be used for travel purposes that can compact while traveling. This wallet is known as the best wallet brands for men.

Tommy Hilfiger Wallets

Buy New Tommy Hilfiger Men's Ranger Leather Passcase Bifold Wallet Brown Online at Low Prices in India -

You must have had that craze of trying Tommy Hilfiger products at a point in your life and good for men who are willing to buy this brand’s wallet. However, wallets are known for their printed leather finish, texture, and design. This brand has refined the way people use to carry cash with its luxurious wallets. So, you can get this brand’s wallets from any online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, and more.

There is many men’s wallet available in the store or websites which can look pretty for them, but wallets are better when it comes to leather and design. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about the best wallet brands for men. Thanks for reading!